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Aviation's Wounded Canaries

CallSign AirBird

Aviation's Wounded Canaries



Did you know that there is more to flying than meets the eye?

Indoor pollution can be worse than outdoor pollution! And in an aircraft which is a sealed environment no window or door can be opened - no escape exit is available.

Very few victims will work out the cause of their ill health, since being 'gassed' is subtle, mostly invisible, and certainly not expected.


When the cabin crew deliver the pre-flight-safety briefing, do they ever mention "in case of a fume event immediately remove your respiratory mask located under your seat and put it firmly over your mouth and nose"? 


FYI: the drop-down masks only work in case of rapid decompression and would not have any protective effect in case of toxic fumes.

Safety issues...

pilots can become confused, even incapacitated.

Measurements even with the simplest devices

show pollution in the cabin!

Passengers are mostly unaware

that they are exposed to toxic fumes.

Live measurements during a regular flight

showing levels of toxic pollution

Despite repeated calls by dedicated campaigners, expert scientists and organisations, no sensors to detect gaseous fumes containing carbon monoxide, organophosphates, formaldehyde and other chemicals have been fitted in modern jets, not to mention effective filters. The former, because most likely they would sound an alarm most of the time and the latter because they are not as effective as they should be and too expensive to fit.

Worst of all: No precautionary measures (i.e.masks) are offered to protect passengers or cabin crew in the event of a fume event emergency!


The Day I Lost My Wings

Everything stopped as I struggled to believe what the doctor was telling me: I was poisoned. The laboratory results were back, with a list of toxic substances - some of them carcinogenic, others endocrine disruptive and yet again others causing neurological injury, and all levels too high. Finally I knew what was causing my ill-health. But at what a price!

... a widely used commercial aircraft design causes permanent disability and death, both sudden and slow, which has rendered pilots and flight crews unconscious during flights and left them with permanent brain injuries.


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Bearnairdine Beaumont

My life made a 180° U-turn

With these articles, I would like to raise awareness of the health and safety issues air travellers encounter without knowing it, in order to better protect the flying population. See also my multilingual website Aerotoxic Team Network.

Bearnairdine Beaumont

Author, Researcher, Citizen Scientist, Naturopathic Practioner (n.p.)

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