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Aviation's Wounded Canaries

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Aviation's Wounded Canaries

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We do, and: we don't lie

Over the past 15 years, books have been published and documentaries produced by affected ex-airline crew members and passionate, investigative journalists and filmmakers who recognised the imminent dangers.

From The Air I Breathe-It's Classified and Tomb In The Sky by Bearnairdine Beaumont a former purser who flew over 20 years for Lufthansa German Airlines to Porter Lafayette's Fume Event. Aviation's Biggest Lie, who was a senior cabin crew for USA airlines and John Hoyte, a former airline captain's book Aerotoxic Syndrome-Aviation's Darkest Secret - to the many videos and documentaries i.e. Unfiltered Breathed In and news items broadcasted by TV and Radio stations all over Europe and the USA over the years.

Most protagonists, interviewees and authors are still suffering from the effects of dangerous chemical fumes in their workplace. Their health has been destroyed, and their careers tragically cut short due to non-stop ill health, a result of long-term exposure to toxic pollutants in the cockpit and cabin breathing air.

One would think they and their physicians knew best!

However, although the industry has been forced to admit in the meantime that it is 'possible' that ill-health effects following an 'acute' fume event can occur, they continue to categorically deny that the accumulation of toxic substances in the body fat can cause chronic ill-health. When people are regularly exposed to a constant flow of even "low-levels" of toxic fumes certain groups can become severely ill. The industry refuses to accept that "every breath is a dose" which can over time cause irreversible nervous system damage and brain injury, and instead refer to single substance threshold limits. However, it is never a single substance but the "cocktail" that causes damage.

Why should thousands of aircrew invent their ill-health? Why should they play-act fainting, dizziness or confusion and how are they supposed to pretend to have poisoning symptoms? Why should any aircrew member ever give up their much-loved career and lifestyle voluntarily by pretending? They wouldn't. Especially not by declaring that they have been poisoned in their workplace.


Because: medically forced retirement, loss of license, amputated lives, and worst of all, ruined health is the result - and none of us wanted that to happen!

Better risk assessment, concrete solutions and best practices are needed to reduce risk of workplace exposure to carcinogens, Dr Christa Sedlatschek director of EU-OSHA said recently.

Question: DOES THIS ALSO APPLY FOR AIRCRAFT/ AIRCREW, the workplace of hundreds of thousands who are regularly exposed to carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and neurotoxic fumes?

Unfiltered Breathed In

This film is the first investigative and award-winning documentary of its kind about the dark side of a previously glamorous industry. It deals with the mysterious death of a British pilot, heavily injured flight-attendants and passengers, cover-ups and near air disasters:

Is your flight making you sick?

News Makers with Brian Thomas in Berlin interviewing film producer and investigative journalist Tim van Beveren