CallSign AirBird

Aviation's Wounded Canaries

CallSign AirBird

Aviation's Wounded Canaries

Demo at Frankfurt/Airport - not for fun. It's a reality: #sayyestocleancabinair

Flying was her life

until the fumes got to her.

Over 20 years of flying

left her with brain injury from the fumes.

Our flying careers left us

with severe neurological injuries and chronic ill-health.

Former Cabin Crew

medically retired #aerotoxicsyndrome

It suddenly got to her

and her career was over

Can you help?


Yes, thank you, you can. Please comment, share and like our comments, articles, posts and websites all over social media. Sign our petition and contact your local politiicans and media.

We are widely connected. Do you think there would be so many dedicated portals and organisations if it were all in our imagination? 

No. I didn't think so.😀

Websites/ Organisations:

Aerotoxic (English/ German/ Spanish) (English/German)

Aerotoxic ​(English)

FlyAWARE .nl (Dutch/English) (Deutsch)​ (German - Patienteninitiative Contaminated Cabin Air e.V.)

ToxicFree (English)

AVSA Association Victimes Syndrome - (Franç​ais)

Aerotoxic Syndrome/USA ​(German/ English)

OPRUS (The important unofficial organophosphate site)


Visit our many dedicated Social Media ​ Facebook & Twitter ​ (also on Twitter = **) multilingual pages:

Aerotoxic Global Network** (Twitter: Aviation's Wounded Canaries)

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​Aerotoxic USA

​AA Fumes Reports Aerobotics**​

Aerotoxic Syndrome Voices

Aerotoxic Association**

Airline Passengers for Cabin Air Quality

Aerotoxins-Kontaminierte Kabinenluft Aerotoxins (upon invitation only)

P-CoC e.V. (German)

Plane Concern (upon invitation for crew only)

Plane Concern Public Group​​**

Sindrome Aerotoxico (Spanish)

ToxicFree Airlines**

Kabinenlobby** (German)

Stichting Fly Aware** (Dutch)

Flightoxic International

Aerotoxic Crew Helpline Italia (Italian)

Crew for Non-Toxic Cabin Air (Belgian)

Airline Passengers & Crew for Cabin Air Quality

Flight crews and passengers for NON-TOXIC CABIN AIR

DokZentrum** (German/ English)

Demo-Toxische Flugzeugluft (German)

Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines

Unfiltered Breathed In (multilingual)

​Umweltrundschau (German)

RIP Richard Westgate